Microsoft Multimedia Strauss: Three Tone Poems The Voyager Company / Microsoft Home 1994

Multimedia Strauss is a multimedia journey through three famous works by classical composer Richard Strauss: Don Juan, Death and Transfiguration, and Till Eulenspiegel. Performed by the Cleveland Orchestra, Strauss' music comes to life in this interactive, illustrated program hosted by concert composer Russell Steinberg. Also included are select pieces from Brahms, Wagner, Mahler, and Berlioz. Theme comparisons are found on the disc's "Pocket Audio Guide," as key theories are postulated within "Inside the Score." Other insights are available in the "Pragmatic Romantic," which focuses on the cultural, social, and political influences during the time period. "Master Orchestrator" offers an in-depth look at the German composer's distinct style. Each work is further organized into sections on exposition, development, and recapitulation.
ISO Demo 500MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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