Gus Goes to Cyberstone Park Modern Media Ventures 1996

Eye-catching graphics, hilarious animation and original songs by David Maloney attracts kids of all ages to Gus Goes to CyberStone Park. After all, Gus is very hip! In this "Find the CyberBuds" game, a fun-filled adventure is in store for kids as they explore 13 different colorful areas. By clicking on the different trail markers in the Main Campgrounds scene, kids discover the Trees, Mountains, Tents, Lake, and River environments. There are many fun activities and creative hidden clickables in each environment, so don't be surprised if your kids play this software for hours and hours. Come along with Gus as your guide as you and the kids take a break by the Lake, flow down the River, branch out in the Trees or have a rollicking time in the Mountains. Although entertaining, Gus Goes to CyberStone Park is an educational delight especially for kids who love to go camping or hiking through the forests.
ISO Demo 211MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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