Soul Hunt Interactive Consultancy, Compro Games / Gametek, GT Interactive Value 1996

Before the discovery of the Jornal and the reintroduction of the ritual, there were 1000 years of order and peace that passed. What the explorers "seeking knowledge" were held to a morbid obsession for power, greed and control. All involved in participating in the investigation were swallowed up into the dark underworld of the occult evil. Supernatural magic and bizarre pagan rituals were performed. While you're with your friends travelling to a Village Festival, you will be lured to the ruins of an ancient castle. Here you will encounter the brutal pagan activities recounted that took place many centuries ago in the castle. But this year's festival will not be what everyone expects. This year it could be that you go all the way and open the gate to hell. This year could be the last one for everyone... This is a mysterious action-adventure with an unique fusion of video and photo-realistic 3D graphics, about 50 km on dirt roads of captured video, 8 old ruins with panoramic images and charts to explore, fully articulated views including step-by-step scrolling panning and 360 degrees, various display modes including high-resolution graphics (32,000 colors) and various sound effects.
German 3CD ISO Demo + Manual 1.49GB (uploaded by

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