Tonko 2 [K] TWIM 1996

On to his second adventure, it appears that Tonko has lost his maul, thus he has to make his way through the sequel avoiding his enemies, Tonko 2 is a pure blood puzzle platformer. The poor goblin isn't even able to jump anymore, leaving climbing ladders, hiding in garbage bins and flushing himself down the toilets as the only means to defend himself. That's one filthy little goblin. The resolution has been raised to 640x480 for TWIM's first Windows game, and each stage now fits on a single screen, with the goal always being to reach the exit, sometimes after unlocking several doors with colored keys to get there. Almost all the challenges are based on timing, and especially the first ten or so stages require patience more than anything else. Fortunately, the game can be saved at any stage, so there's no need to ever replay that boring beginning. Afterwards, the game becomes fairly challenging, but never unfair. Tonko 2 doesn't look nearly as hideous as some stages in the first game, but it is still a mixed bag, visually. The sprites and objects all look adorable, but some of the backgrounds show all to much that they've been downsampled from a higher color depth. The soundtrack is midi-based, but it sports colorful enough tunes to overcome the trashy Windows 95 flair.
Korean Full Demo 5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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