Alien Tales / Reading Galaxy Broderbund Software 1995

With more than 30 award-winning science-fiction novels as inspiration, this creative game gets kids into reading by getting intergalactic. Young players will try to figure out which of the novels' authors have been replaced by alien imposters answering questions about the stories. The whole thing takes place in a game show setting, giving the contestants points for strong reading comprehension. Up to 40 players can participate, making this the perfect family or classroom reading activity. It exposes children to passages from such famous books as The Call of the Wild, Alice in Wonderland, and Treasure Island. In addition to providing quality entertainment and reinforcing comprehension and analytical skills, the game is designed to encourage kids to read more on their own. Players log onto an orbiting space station that is home to the television studios of the Interstellar Broadcasting System (IBS). Under the watchful eyes of host Sal of deCentury, his faithful TV sidekick, Wanna B, and a studio audience gathered from the far corners of the cosmos, kids become contestants on a literary game show. Competing alone or in teams, players face a panel of extraterrestrials, each of whom claims authorship of different works of literature from planet Earth. There are five types of puzzles that test the player's knowledge of books to expose and embarrass the aliens as literary impostors. If successful, they salvage the reputations of terrestrial authors and earn fabulous "virtual" prizes and starbucks. Players have the option of reading selected passages by themselves or having the computer read aloud to them as the text in each passage is highlighted. Alien Tales includes 450 passages, including plot synopses, excerpts and author backgrounds from 30 literary works. Several of the books represented were written by Newbery award-winning authors. Continual rotation of passages and questions, plus the use of colorful animations, quirky sound effects and hilarious puns, ensure many hours of fun for kids ages 9 to 13 years old.
ISO Demo 473MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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