Free Spirit 2: The Other Dimension [G] Rauser Advertainment / VR-Media GmbH 1998

This is a sequel to one of the many advertising adventures popular in Germany in the mid nineties. This one was more complex with 3D graphics and special features such as voice recognition and the possibility of using a cyber-helmet. Philip Marlau is back. Meanwhile, he has aged a few years and the detective work it seems not yet to have become boring. It begins directly with a spectacular opening film that tells us of a woman named Anne from her nocturnal experiences of the supernatural kind. Finally, we see even the shadow of aliens coming to us. Then we find ourselves back at Anne's bedside. She is in a bad condition and her face covered with yellow spots. The incident she can remember only little of, so we'll have to determine if there are indeed intergalactic visitors. Later, we learn something about it but not quite flawless machinations of Virex AG. The pharmaceutical company has perhaps more to do with the story than we thought?
German ISO Demo 361MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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