Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant Sir-tech Software, Inc. / U.S. Gold Ltd. 1992

This is a direct sequel to the previous game where at the end, the party of heroes finally acquired the Cosmic Forge. However, before they were able to decide what to do with it, it was taken away by a servant of the Cosmic Lords, the cyborg Aletheides. It appears that the Cosmic Forge was in fact a clue to the location of the Astral Dominae, the artifact of life, somewhere on the planet Guardia, which has now been revealed to the universe. The heroes then travel to Guardia, which is populated by many races and organizations with their own agendas, including the rhinoceros-like Imperial Umpani Federation and the spidery T'Rang affiliated with a malevolent being known as the Dark Savant, whose goal is to get rid of the Cosmic Lords. All these factions are looking for the Astral Dominae, finding which is the primary goal of the game. Depending on the decisions made by the player in the previous game (should he opt to import the party from there), the game will have different openings and begin in different locations. However, regardless of the initial premise, the player is free to follow or betray whatever faction he was supposed to be allied with. The gameplay system is very similar to that of its predecessor, retaining the races, the classes, the skills and the magic system it introduced to the series. The trademark first-person exploration and turn-based combat are present as well. A few skills have been added, including swimming and climbing, as well as diplomacy. The latter reflects the more important role dialogues and interaction with NPCs play in the game compared to the previous installments of the series. The setting has undergone the most drastic change, with the party of medieval warriors being transferred into a sci-fi environment. As a result, firearms have been added as available weapons. An upgraded version called Wizardry Gold was released in 1996 on a CD. Enhancements to the base game include: full Windows 95 support, new graphics and animations, new sound effects and digital speech for narratives, mouse driven interface, automap feature, on-line manual, and in-game interactive hint guide.
Full Demo 2.2MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Full Demo 2.4MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
Full Demo 4.4MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
Included in The Wizardry Ultimate Archives ISO Demo 280MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Wizardry Gold (1996) Full Demo 19MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Wizardry Gold - Clone ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Floppy Images ISO Demo 3.90MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Wizardry Gold - ISO Demo + Win3xO Collection Package 702MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Win3xO Collection - FrontEnd + Emus 60MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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