Exosquad: Interactive Moviebook Sound Source Interactive 1995

The year is 2119, and mankind faces its darkest hour. A race of artificial humans called Neosapiens threatens to wipe out its Homo Sapien creators. So begins the saga of the ExoSquad. Outfitted with modern day, robotic suits of armor called ExoFrames, the ExoSquad is a tight-knit band of E-frame pilots who fight to rid the Homeworlds of Neospaien domination. Now, Sound Source's ExoSquad Interactive MovieBook gives kids the opportunity of a lifetime - to enter the ExoFleet Academy and find out what it takes to become an E-frame pilot! First, cadets learn by example through recountings of Able Squad exploits, told in a fifty-plus page "history" book full of cool animations, videoclips and more. Then they move on to hone their defensive skills by evading Neo E-frames in the Strategy Maze Staging Area. A memory challenge tests their ability to recall sequences of light and sound. An on-sight E-frame design hangar lets cadets design their own custom E-frames. Finally, an aerodynamic studies center introduces cadets to the basics of flight through paper airplane construction. Kids customize their creations with official ExoFleet insignias!
Full ISO Demo 155mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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