Les Visiteurs: La Relique de Sainte Rolande [Fr] Silmarils / UbiSoft 2001

The Visitors return with a new game. Originally a French 1993 movie became the biggest box office hit ever there, before a 1998 sequel and a 2001 English remake called Just Visiting with some of the same actors. Fate seems to be conspiring against Godefroy de Montmirail. A new incident has prevented him from marrying the sweet Frénégonde. Lilith, the small sister of the witch Malcombe has decided to avenge her mother's death at the hands of Godefroy. For that, she stole the invaluable relic of Saint Rolande that's scattered through the 20th century. Godefroy and his faithful rider Jacquouille need you to juggle between the different ages of time and put things back in order. Strong points: You have the possibility to in turn play as Godefroy and Jacquouille in different times. There's 6 great levels which involve you in the castle of Montmirail and its dependences and you will relive the adventures of Jacquouille in a shopping mall. A gallery of enemies are very varied according to the periods: guards, skeletons, rats, falcons, etc for the 12th century and in the 20th century they are the Vigils, post-office employees, punks, small irritated old women, etc. Find humour in scenes throughout both films since the game includes sentences and sound effects from them. The realization is in superb 3D which is accompanied by very fluid movements of cameras. Thus, it is possible, thanks to the camera, to look at absolutely everywhere.
Russian bootleg ISO Demo (provided by AD & uploaded by Scaryfun) 232MB
French ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & uploaded by Scaryfun) + Fix (uploaded by myloch) 706MB + 396kb

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