Neverending Stairway, The: SCP-087 haversine 2012

This is a Unity-based first-person horror game that involves walking down some stairs, through a random number of floors with random horrible noises and events occurring. It’s the kind of stairway you might find in a House of Leaves. Incredibly simple and far too dark but with sound design decent enough that you just may become too nervous to carry on your descent and quit. It features procedural generation of floors and events, so every playthrough is different. It's related to The SCP Foundation, a site that blends the fantastical and the horrific with the deadpan. It portrays itself as a catalogue of mysterious objects and places, all of which are secured and contained for the protection of the public. With redacted passages, missing details and photos, it’s of the ‘let’s pretend it’s real even though it clearly isn’t’ school of horror.
Free Game 23MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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