Loonyland: Halloween Hill Hamumu Software 2001

Long before he was a megalomaniacal, Elvis-impersonating, psychotic, brain-transferring mad scientist, Dr. Lunatic was a young boy, exploring the wilderness of early-1800s Bulgaria. Follow his first adventure in Halloween Hill, where he takes on the freakish inhabitants with an array of even more freakish weapons such as a potted cactus and a whoopee cushion. This is an adventure game where you must explore to improve Loony's abilities and gain access to ever more dangerous areas, all in an effort to find out what lies behind the madness going on in Halloween Hill. There are many strange creatures to fight and even stranger weapons to use, such as whoopee cushions and slingshots. Collect many different items to help improve your weapons, and collect new weapons - all to help you complete your mission. The game also has various items you will need to get in order to progress in the game, including Super Gro Fertilizer. It is up to you to find the items and find where you can use them. You can also find and unlock 40 secret features and 7 playable characters as you move through the game. It is also possible to talk to villagers and undertake quests. It was later made freeware.
Full Demo v2.0 (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 19MB
Level Demo 5MB (uploaded by Download.com)
Freeware Game + Editor 19MB+486kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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