Reversion 3f Interactivo 2012

In one of the world's most overcrowded cities, the worst happened... Twenty years later, a man with no memory holds the key to change it all. It's your chance to revert history. This game was made with the Wintermute Engine and will be released in several chapters. Chapter 1: The Escape You wake up in a hospital without memories to know that you are in year 2035, and that Buenos Aires was isolated from the country (Argentina) and taken by a paramilitary force after a big explosion in the city. It was offered free as an incentive for players to purchase further episodes. Chapter 2: The Meeting (Mar/2013) is considerably longer and a lot more captivating than the first one. After escaping from the hospital still with no memories... You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and Victoria, your new friend is helping you find the person in the photo, it's clue you have to recover your memories and understand who you are and why you are here. While in your journey, you'll meet new friends that will help you, new challenging riddles in different location all around the well known city of Buenos Aires, those places will get you closer and closer to meet this special person that can hold answer to your questions. You need to remember who you are. There are more diversity of sceneries, with beautiful exteriors. Chapter 3: The Return (2019) Your adventure is almost at an end, or is it just beginning? After meeting the mysterious man from the photograph, you know that the only way to save your city is to join the Resistance against the tyranny of Sergio. Guide the protagonist, Christian, through the ruins of Buenos Aires to make your final stand against the evil tyrant. Can you find the missing pieces to a mysterious device, the city’s only hope for redemption? Can you and your friends outrun Sergio and his guards long enough to succeed? Team up with your allies, Victoria and Pablo, on your final mission to collect all the missing parts to this strange machine. Only then will you have a chance to reverse the disastrous events that destroyed the city as you know it. Your adventure continues on the streets of Buenos Aires. Features: Charismatic and mysterious characters; Challenging puzzles to keep you hooked; Wide variety of interactive objects in each scene; Classic 2D graphics, as in the golden age of the genre; Hand-drawn and digitally-colored animation; Voice acting; Hints system to help you when you’re stuck.
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Free Download Chapter 1: The Escape 241MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Reversion Dilogy (Chapter 1+2) - Full Demos 366+253MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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