Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos Midian Design 2012

Oz Orwell is the founder, director, cameraman and ghost-investigator of "Ghosts & Mansions". Yes, the very internet portal where every week you can see a new ghost case. Sure, he has to do everything himself, but he's never felt the need for staff. Many people think he's a fraud, that the presences in his film clips are computer graphics. Well, that's right. He's visited 35 locations in Europe and 12 in America presumed to be haunted, and he's seen and heard absolutely nothing... But things were about to change. Computer graphics wouldn't be needed for "Angst Mansion". And no one would ever see the new episode. In Jan/2019, the game was made freeware.
Full Demo 203MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Freeware Game 217MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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