Professor Iris' Fun Field Trip: Animal Safari Discovery Channel 1994

If any of your kids watch the Learning Channel, they'll know all about the lovable bird-like puppet, Professor Iris, who teaches his puppet class about life and the world. If they like the show, they'll be happy to know about this interactive CD. Based on "Iris the Happy Professor," produced in Montreal, Canada, they'll find games, puzzles, mazes, music videos, a coloring book and sound effects, with a narrated storybook lesson on Africa. All five puppet characters are featured including Skeleton, Ms. Principal, Plant and Piano. This has lots of educational things to do. Kids 4 and up join Professor Iris and the gang on an interactive storybook adventure in wild Africa. The Professor knows all the fun facts about the interesting animals we’ll see. Plant loves to color and invite kids to help him out. Ms. Principal teaches important vocabulary words and kids can creative a personalized adventure with themselves as the star! Songs, dances, music and games make this a fun-filled delight!
ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 101MB

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