Cordy Silvertree Media 2010

This Unity-based platformer borrows freely from games with much larger budgets. It's also an amazing piece of work that just might change your opinions of what browser-based games are capable of. You guide the TV-headed hero through lush 3D environments, using either the [left] and [right] [arrow] keys or the [A] and [D] buttons, using [up] or [spacebar] to jump. The goal is to reach the door at the end of each level, through pushing buttons, climbing up ledges, and using every part of the environment to your advantage. Controls are fairly solid, and the gameplay is plenty fun, but the thing you're most likely to notice is the graphics. The animations are incredibly fluid, and the backgrounds seamlessly blend natural and mechanical elements for an experience unlike any other. Anybody who's played the hit Playstation 3 game Little Big Planet is sure to notice more than a passing resemblance here.
Windows 8/10 Four-Level Demo (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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