Terra-X: Wo Lag Atlantis? / Die Suche nach Atlantis [G] 4Punkt1 / ZDF Enterprises GmbH 1997

The Greek philosopher Plato first reported of Atlantis, the high culture that has only been regained in recent days, a whole world that was technically and culturally superior to the old world. For 2500 years, humanity has been looking for traces of the lost island state. There are several explanations. But what is the truth? See for yourself, as you cross the world's oceans in search of Atlantis! You will be supported by the father of the idea itself - Plato. With him, you argue about the tracks that you discover during your expedition in the history of our world. 80,000 years of history and more than a dozen Atlantis theories will pave the way for Atlantologen diploma. You can become a scientist and discover the importance of ancient writings have for us today. So be prepared for the fact that Plato's Atlantis will also revise your views thoroughly. It's an interactive journey into the past with a film by Jens-Peter Behrend and Eike Schmitz.
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German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 539MB

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