Alurwe [G] arTm & friends 1997

Alt-Urfahr West (Alurwe) is an old suburb of Linz/Danube in Austria, Europe. It has its own special flair and character. Very old, old and new, small and big, old-fashioned and modern, all kinds of sizes mix up to an individual touch. People are friendly, children still play in the streets, cats and dogs everywhere. Feel the special way of life of Alt-Urfahr by playing Alurwe. The game features more than 1200 photographs, megabytes of original Urfahr-West sound effects, background music composed by an Urfahr-West artist, and many puzzles to solve. Find and collect interesting objects, and discover some well kept secrets. There's dangerous beings to beware of, and beautiful beings to admire. Make a virtual excursion by car to a place 300 km away... and free the citizens of Urfahr from a bad magician!
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German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 114MB

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