Terra-X: Der Fluch Des Pharao [G] 4Punkt1 / Buhl Data Service GmbH / ZDF Enteprises GmbH 1997

The 35 min. video of Terra-X-editorial about the curse of the pharaohs with spoken texts (video is very informative). It's an educational adventure (not a 3D reconstruction but simple drawings - see screenshots), an informative lexicon of over 100 sound files, puzzles that put your knowledge and powers of deduction to the test, and hundreds of interactive opportunities. Find out what killed so many people. Three different answers have been posted at the end of your research into the logbook. Once all your research is done, return to the room in which the search began, and you should now try to open the mysterious tomb - which is incidentally not easy.
German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 417MB

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