Terra-X: Der Schatz Der Tempelritter [G] 4Punkt1 / Buhl Data Service GmbH / ZDF Enteprises GmbH 1997

This is another in the German educational series with FMV footage and line drawing adventure. Paris in 1307. Anselm of Lauterbach, a young Templar novice must learn what Philip the Fair had his brothers follow his orders. The fear of Inquisition, treachery and intrigue are rampant. A small group of selected Knights have brought themselves and the treasure of the Templars to a secret location in safety. Anselm sets on their trail. Nine seals that he must find, in order to avenge themselves. In seven acts you play Anselm's search after the refuge of his brothers. Exciting tasks, appealing videos, instructional texts and catchy music round out a fascinating journey into the world of the Middle Ages.
German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 617MB

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