Nikita: The Mystery Of the Hidden Treasure Techland 2008

Around 1999, work on a sequel to Captain Claw called "Captain Claw 2 in 3D" was in development by Monolith. However, due to copyright issues with the character Captain Claw, Monolith dropped the project, and passed all codes and assets on the unreleased sequel to a Poland game developer called Techland. Techland subsequently used all the unfinished assets in the Captain Claw 3D prototype, polished the engine and released the game under their own character titled Nikita. The story is about a female feline pirate called Nikita, and essentially carried similar plot from the original Captain Claw game, but now set in a 3D environment with new character lead instead, lending no continuation whatsoever to the original Captain Claw. Captain Dodger has a plan to combine all the pirates and take over all the seas. To implement his evil plan, it is necessary to find long-lost treasures of the Machupaka tribe. Help Nikita to stop his plan. It has 11 levels with enemies each with their own unique fighting style.
Russian ISO Demo 806MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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English ISO Demo 383MB (uploaded by closer1000)
Polish ISO Demo 501MB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)
Proper Polish ISO Demo + Spanish translation 397MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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