Hollywood High Theatrix Interactive 1996

Write, direct, and produce the stories of your life. Your generation has its own scene. So write about it! Create animated multimedia productions about. Cast over ten really cool characters who act just like you and your friends. Pick their roles and hobbies- like mountain biker, rock star, prom queen, and more. Pick your scenes from over 30 different locations and events- like the school dance, the look-out-point, the mall, even the bathroom- and write multiple scenes into the same script. Script in your latest expressions, and your characters will say it- in full lip synch. Tough talk. Sweet talk. Whatever… And assign customized pronunciations to any word you write. Even choose your stage directions- like chews gum, plays air guitar, or talks on the phone. Writer's block? No problem! Just brainstorm with the Idea Machine, an endless storehouse of the hippest, coolest scene starters, plot twists, and dialogue you can click right into your script. It's showtime! Now that you've put your life into your next big production, play it back for friends and family- they'll love seeing themselves! You can even send your production over the Internet for the world to watch. Works with characters & scenes from Hollywood- the award-winning original. Essential learning for ages 9 to adult. This builds writing and language skills, inspires creativity in a rich multimedia environment, and develops understanding of story line, plot, dialogue, and character development. It's a perfect springboard for careers in journalism, theater, broadcast, and film.
ISO Demo 384MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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