Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 2: Justice for All / Gyakuten Saiban 2 PC Capcom / Sourcenext 2006

This was a Japan PC port of the lawyer adventure originally a 2002 GBA Japanese game. It first was done in English as an enhanced version on the Nintendo DS later in 2007. This second game in the series continues from where the first game left off, one year later. The basic gaming mechanics are still the same, featuring interesting courtroom battles and detective elements of finding/examining the evidence. However, instead of 5 health points for each courtroom scene, there is a health meter. The health meter is also used for Psycho Locks, a new feature in this game. Characters from the previous chapter have returned, plus a host of all new characters. There are 4 cases in the whole game, each longer than the previous. In 2019, an English version was included in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
Japanese ISO Demo 97MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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