Five Cores, The Neebla Games 2012

I don’t know how you got here. But I think you can help us. We experienced a tragedy and we had to take refuge in another world. The world in which you are standing is on the verge of collapse because of the child in the temple. Her dreams become real and cause death and destruction. The magical stones have to be reactivated to wake up the child. You will be able to play a myst-like game in realtime 3D. Explore five mysterious islands and try to reveal their secrets. This game is a puzzle game like Myst or Riven where you have to figure out how to resolve the mechanisms using your sense of logic. In Sep/2014, the game was made freeware. On July 30/2019, a Remastered version was released.
Remastered Screenshots/Videos
Freeware Game v1.3 461MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
Full Demo v1.1 426MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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