Space Bermuda, Vobis Virtual Space Volume 1 [G] Westka / Vobis 1996

This was one of the few first-person advertising adventures that were popular in Germany in the mid-90s. This is about a commander of a space agency in 2197, who is sent to check the automated and unmanned space station Capella. Because for some time, transport spaceships mysteriously disappear after leaving Capella. From the first person perspective you roam this station, collect items and solve puzzles. The rooms can be examined in a 360° angle. The graphics itself are in fact downright fantastic. This is not surprising when you consider it was made by a graphic artist who worked previously for LucasArts. The music is very futuristic, the noise level also ensures a great atmosphere. There are also interactive soundtracks and digital voice output. The game has everything a good adventure needs: challenging puzzles, a good atmosphere and great graphics.
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German ISO Demo 249MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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