StarFlyers: Alien Space Chase The Learning Company, Inc. 2002

Take off with the StarFlyers on a brain-building alien quest where clever thinking saves the day. It's intergalactic election time, and villainous Vexar is up to his evil stunts. Join the StarFlyers on a colorful quest to find the missing alien ambassadors and foil Vexar's scheme. Along the way kids encounter out-of-this-world challenges, like racing down the universe's largest slide and navigating the twists and turns of Planet Pipeworks. From a rendezvous with the Fun Police to a brush with the bouncing Hairballs, kids never know what to expect on a StarFlyers adventure. Eight challenging games stretch your child's smarts. Twelve printable activities extend the fun and learning beyond the computer. Three levels of difficulty offer ongoing challenge and lasting appeal, while kid-friendly "help movies" guide kids out of a jam fast. StarFlyers: Alien Space Chase also builds essential skills in logic and reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis testing, spatial relationships, sequencing, and more. Loads of kid-friendly charm make this intergalactic adventure your child's ticket to a universe of learning.
ISO Demo 406MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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