Deep Sleep Trilogy Scriptwelder 2012

Deep Sleep You're eased into a Deep Sleep, a time of peace, rejuvenation, a chance to dream and to escape from the stress and workaday world of reality. Or, so you thought before the dream dissolves away and a nightmare intrudes, trapping you in. You are not alone here in your dreams, something lurks in the darkness... Something in the depths of your own mind wants to pull you even deeper and now the only escape is to wake up. But how? Explore the dark, mysterious world of sleep in this escape-themed adventure which won 1st place in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #10 at JayIsGames. Here you must do two things. One, move from room to room, seeking out answers to the riddles and puzzles set before you. Two, literally escaping by "acting fast and running away" as you're "chased by your own nightmare." Along the way, use keen observation to obtain the needed clues and tools discovered in the surreal, pixel art settings. You succeed when you've defeated the nightmare and wake up safely but here's also another, less-than-optimal way to end Deep Sleep: lose the chase. Deeper Sleep (Sep/2013) You've become obsessed with the concept of lucid dreaming, even though other people think you're insane. Desperate and questioning your own sanity, you go to the library late at night to see if there are records of anyone else who experienced your all-too-real nightmare... only to find out your nightmare is just beginning. Deepest Sleep (Aug/2014) In the final episode, you find yourself going even deeper into your nightmare in order to find a way out, while at the same time trying to stay one step ahead from the creatures who want to keep you asleep... for good.
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Browser-Playable Free Flash Games Deep Sleep + Deeper Sleep + The Deepest Sleep (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
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