Odyssey HD, The CrazySoft 2012

Step into this epic point-and-click mythical adventure game and see what it takes to be the Greek hero Odysseus (Ulysses)! In this mythical game, get ready to embark on a journey filled with danger, mythical creatures and ancient gods. You will have to step into the shoes of Odysseus (Ulysses) and his journey home after the fall of Troy. It took him ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten years Trojan War. Become a part of Homer's original myth and educate yourself during the process. Beware, this is no simple task. You will have to escape from the goddess Calypso island, blind Cyclops Polyphemus, face the witch-goddess Circe, go to the land of the dead and find an oracle, avoid the Siren mermaids, pass between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, visit Sun god's island and finally murder the suitors and unite your family. It has beautiful hand drawn cartoons in full HD, humorous dialogs and challenging puzzles.
Lite - Windows 8/10 Trial Demo 163MB (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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