Fortune Cookie Noch Software / Midas Interactive Entertainment 1999

Something weird starts happening in San Francisco's China Town - people mysteriously vanish.... Detective Frank Mitchell is assigned to the case. With the help of his oriental contact, Professor Chiang, he learns that the Fortune Cookery Cafe is at the center of the enigma. He drops in for lunch and to sniff around a bit but instead vanishes himself as soon as he eats his fortune cookie. He is transported to a fantastically bizarre world - once a nice little Chinese island but now conquered by cheeky spirits. Not only is his world transformed but also his body. Gone are his strong jaw line and fetching brow - to his horror he has become a pudgy little goblin. How can he become normal again and return back to Mrs. Mitchell? The only way out is to defeat the King of the spirits, Blagoon , who rules the island and who has been stealing the diners and turning them into goblins. Is Mitchell on his own? No! Neither does his buddy, Professor Chiang forget him nor do the new friends he encounters on the island. But as they help Mitchell, Mitchell has to help them. And if he does he will be the winner...
ISO Demo 55MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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