Polda 2 [Cz] ZIMA Software 1999

The town Marsias is known all around the world because of the "DNA Revolution" factory that clones doubles of celebrities and politicians. The town also holds the election of "Miss Clone", but at the very night of the election is the hotel where it takes place set ablaze and the contestants are kidnapped. And so Pankrác, the cop from the first game, returns to solve the new case. But it won't be so easy - true, he was promoted since the last time, yet his superior doesn't trust him, so the Cop has to earn his trust first by solving a different case. The sequel to Polda is again a humorous point-and-click adventure, but this time most of the comedic elements come from the pop cultural quotations and cameos of celebrity clones and historical characters - including Adolf Hitler, Caesar, Napoleon, the character from Mexican soap, the former Czech prime minister who tries to solve the state debt by gambling and Lara Croft once again.
Czech Custom ISO Demo 349MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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