Toy Story 2 Activity Center Disney Interactive / EAI Interactive 1999

The cast of characters from Disney and Pixar's hit 1999 film Toy Story 2 are here in a series of six games designed for younger kids in Disney/Pixar's Activity Center: Toy Story 2. Recreate some key moments from the film or have fun with an activity inspired by it. In Cone Chaos, the goal is to get each toy -- hidden under a traffic cone so that humans don't see them -- safely across a busy highway as the group led by Buzz Lightyear attempts to rescue Woody, who was stolen by a toy collector named Al McWhiggan. It's a Frogger-like game in which the player must avoid the cars and trucks as they cross six lanes of traffic. Next, Toy Shelf Showdown features Buzz inside Al's Toy Barn, where he squares off against his evil arch-enemy Emperor Zurg. If Buzz can put together enough spaceship pieces to make an anti-Zurg spacecraft, he'll win. The only trouble is that he has to avoid hostile robots and bouncing rubber balls in the process. Over at the Critter Corral, you'll be helping Woody in a board game which requires a bit of strategy to win. The goal is to get all your critters into your opponent's corner. This one can be played solo against the computer or against a friend. Luggage Lunacy recreates the climax of the film as Buzz tries frantically to rescue Woody from a morass of luggage which are about to be loaded onto a plane headed for Japan, where Al has a wealthy collector waiting to pay him for Woody and the other toys in his collection. Buzz must safely traverse the luggage to reach his pal. There are three levels of difficulty, each with ten puzzles. Once all ten have been solved, Woody pops out. Kids can also play publisher with Create-A-Comic-Book and Woody's Printing Press. In the former, the user creates their own Toy Story 2 comic book complete with characters, backgrounds, and dialogue. In the latter, they can print greeting cards, postcards, a poster and stickers featuring the characters. Avery Dennison part numbers are included so that parents can buy the proper supplies.
UK Clone ISO Demo 276MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 139MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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