Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center Disney Interactive / Human Code 2000

Based on Disney's animated film, Disney's Activity Center: Dinosaur brings the mammoth prehistoric creatures to the PC screen. Aimed at children five-years and older, this activity package features characters from the movie, informational factoids, dinosaur puzzles with e-mail capabilities and 200 levels of fast-paced action. There are several types of activities, including the Lemur Love Match in which you match exotic flowers hanging from a tree. Next, help the dinosaurs find something to drink in Iquanodon Pond-a-Thon. Playing against a computer-controlled or human opponent, your objective is to amass more water holes than your rival. Once you've quenched the dinosaurs' thirst, explore a cave in Styracosaurus Spelunker. An evil carnotaur has trapped Aladar and his friends within the dimly lit cave -- you must match different types of rocks and breakthrough as many rows as possible to win. After dusting the rock debris off your shirt, it's time for a Colossal Fossil Face Off. You must, with the aid of shields and destructive comets, recover the egg those pesky carnivores took from the herbivores. Here, the bigger dinosaurs obliterate the smaller ones while those with shields and comets prevail over those less equipped. After recovering the egg, try your hand at Line O' Dino's Puzzle Maker. Not only can you create your very own puzzle and e-mail it to your friends but you can also record your own voice, listen to various roar sounds and create a dinosaur of your choosing. Once you've pieced your puzzle together, print it out and hang your very own creation on the wall! Disney's Activity Center: Dinosaur also features fact cards that offer information about the Mesozoic Era, various dinosaurs and their eating patterns and other creatures that lived in the prehistoric ages. Like the puzzle maker, you can print these cards for further use.
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ISO Demo 453MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with Windows Emulator 584MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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