Deliverance: Moses in the Pharaoh's Court Casscom Media / West Creek Studios 2006

Deliverance is a mission-based, goal-oriented computer game on CD-Rom that has at its core, a powerful Biblical message. Players battle to free God’s people from slavery and Pharaoh, solve the puzzle of the tombs, recovers the bones of Joseph from the pyramids, and unleashed the ten plagues upon the land of Egypt. The animation in this action-adventure game is the finest available and will challenge players again and again as they seek to improve their score. Its unique one-handed “Smart Mouse” control puts all of the action at the player’s fingertips. Created to impact 9-16 year olds while delivering God’s powerful lessons through their most popular entertainment tool today, the computer. Parents can be assured that it contains no foul language, no bloody scenes and has no cultural, moral or ethical issues. Anyone with a PC computer will enjoy Deliverance, as they come face to face with the same God who watches, cares and protects them today.
Russian ISO Demo 413MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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