Saqqara: En Busca del Medallon de Ra [Sp] OLR Soft 1997

You're in the desert with a mission to recover the lost treasure of RA. The lost Medallion hides the secret kept by the mummy of the Pharaoh, who haunts you and threatens to avenge the interruption of his sleep. The tests you'll need to overcome require skill, dexterity, imagination and above all wisdom. But the provisions are few and the time that you have even more scarce. Within the passing of two and a half hours, a plane from Cairo will arrive to pick you up. If you're not by the time indicated in the right place, you will die of hunger and thirst, abandoned in the desert. This was one of a series of titles in the Game Movies Collection by the developer. It consisted of four titles, each dedicated to a different genre (fantasy, action-adventure, horror and comedy), and composed of two CD-ROM, an adventure game, and an interactive reference work which included a history of 100 years of cinema for each genre.
Spanish ISO Demo 61.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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