La Quete De l'Eau [Fr] Strass Games / Hachette Multim├ędia 2002

Someone has stolen the magic breastplate with 5 crystals. If they are not found soon, the knowledge and the survival of the people of the entire water are threatened. The Great Sage charges you to find them to save the People of the Water. To complete your mission, you will explore the world of deserts, you go down the course of a river, you sail on the seas, you will live to the rhythm of Inuit on the ice and you'll discover lush rainforests. The hidden clues and the cards will help you to solve each riddle, and relax a bit you can ... with little fun games to play. The CD-ROM combines fantasy and comics. There are games of skill and memory, 3D animations, movies of several hours of consultation. It has over 150 fact sheets and experiments, 8 slides, a search by topic and keyword glossary accessible hyper text. It has access to the site of the Quest for Water and numerous links to websites on the environment.
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French ISO Demo 400MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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