White Sun of the Desert / Белое солнце пустыни [Ru] A. Efremov / 1C-SoftClub 2004

This is a delicate matter! In the game you will meet with the protagonists of the film, which have the unforgettable voices of favorite actors. You will have to untangle the many puzzles and, most importantly, try to save the life of the Petruhe, Gulchitai and Vereŝaginu (in the movie, as you may recall, they die). In the game, with just one click, you have to delete the hateful Abdul. The game was voiced by Sukhov and told by: Anatoly Borisovich Kuznetsov and Spartak Vasilyevich Mishulin!
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Russian Full Demo 195MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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