Operation X or the New Adventures of student Shoorich [Ru] A. Efremov / 1C-SoftClub 2003

This adventure game is about the adventures of an eternal student Šuriča. What could be worse - an exam tomorrow, and you can't even get in to have access. Searching the pockets of your trousers, you understand that the key to the dorm was gone, and yesterday you lost a large sum of sokursniku cards. And in the completion of this morning you wake up in a strange bed. However, if you look at what happens on the other hand, it turns out that was not all that bad. At least until the exam, it remains the rest of the day, and during this time the student is able to move mountains! You are in a pistol whipped stupor but there is still time to fight back. You lost the key to a room in the hostel, but with a kind of beauty in the neighborhood you woke up this morning. And how many students have a fascinating wall of their high school!
Russian 2CD ISO Demo + Patch v1.01 474MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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