Thomas & Tim Pixeleers / DR Multimedie 1997

Thomas & Tim is an adventure game for kids developed by Pixeleers for Danish National Broadcast company DR Multimedie. Thomas & Tim is an advanced children’s game where reality and fantasy are mixed into breathtaking stories. The game has a perfect combination of humour, action and adventure allowing children of all ages to give imagination free rein. The first game introduces the two characters Thomas and Tim in an interactive world. The philosophy of the product is to have as much fun as possible, while you learn as little as you can. The CD-ROM contains two interactive stories named “Skattejagten” and “superheltene” (translated to “Treasure Hunt” and “Super Heroes”). Thomas & Tim reached top 3 of childrens cd-rom titles for the Xmas sales 1997 in Denmark. The game was in time translated to Norwegian, Swedish, German, English and Welsh.
German ISO Demo 435MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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