Vera Cruz Infogrames Multimedia SA 1987

You are Detective Sergeant in the Crime Squad at Saint Etienne (Loire). As an Officer of the Police, you are capable of leading any criminal investigation. As you took your post, you were called to investigate what the press are fast terming "L'affaire Vera Cruz" (The Vera Cruz Affair). Prostitute Vera Cruz sprawled on the floor in her "Forest" apartment was found by caretaker. The pool of blood poured from a bullet wound in her chest. It was believed to be a case of suicide with a gun as the weapon involved. But you have to prove that it was a murder. The gameplay flows in two parts: crime scene investigation to collect the evidence, and work with telex machine to gain information about possible suspects. At the crime scene, you should collect all possible evidence moving the marker on the screen and examining the objects scattered at the scene as well as the body itself. With telex machine, you should perform investigation according to the police procedures. Different actions are possible here such as sending messages within Diamond Network to receive the replies, printing the notes, contacting other Police services to gain the new information, comparing the evidences, carrying out examinations such as autopsy, interviewing/checking the alibis of suspects, and arresting finally. To specify the subject for each action you should type it. The game was developed by a former police officer, Gilles Blancon, so you can vouch for its authenticity.
French Full Demo for DOS 62KB (
ZX Spectrum Full Demo *requires emu 191kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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