Monkey Brains Yobro Productions / Arush Entertainment 2001

This is an incredible jungle adventure combining puzzle elements, aerial acrobatics, and hilarious monkey antics. It features a humorous premise: A scientist has discovered a technology that lets a human transfer his or her mind into the mind of a monkey. Soon after the discovery, the technology is stolen, and the scientist must recover it before the thief uses it for evil purposes. The player assumes the role of the scientist, who is confined to a wheelchair. In order to make his way through the series of levels, which are conveniently populated with monkeys, the scientist must transfer his mind into different monkeys and make them perform various actions, such as opening doors, or riding mountain goats through walls. Each level is set up so that by using the control of the monkeys, the player can cause a chain reaction of events to occur and give the scientist access to the next level. The game borrows elements from puzzle game series like The Incredible Machine and Lemmings. The levels are set up to require both action and strategic puzzle-solving, and the game itself is lighthearted and humorous. The first episode includes the first few levels and can be downloaded for free. Each of the five subsequent episodes cost around $5 and includes additional levels.
Level Demo 19MB (uploaded by Game Surf)
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 178MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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