Pilot Brothers 3: Back Side of the Earth Pipe Studio / 1C, G5 Entertainment 2004

This sequel to the first Russian adventure is alive with great "cartoon" graphics and a good puzzle game. We will once again meet with the famous Pilot Brothers. The restless detectives and adventurers, the Pilot Brothers, learned from the newspapers that on the remote island of Tasmania there's a rapidly decreasing population of a blue-striped elephant. Knowing that Tasmania is the only place on earth where there are these rare animals, they decide to go on a long journey and find out the spot. Arriving, the detectives saw everything that happens with the elephants - something is catching the striped blue giants, luring them into a distant dark cave. What to do? Of course, you must save them! In May/2014, an English app version was released on Windows 8 store and later on Steam but it only contains 14 of the 23 levels from original game.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 258MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Free Lite Windows 8 App (uploaded by Windows Store)
GOG Digital ISO Demo 158MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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