Fairy Nights Milky House 2000

This is a sequel to Legend of Fairies. The Shikigami sisters, Kumi and Koukaku, have to return to the Fairy Village. Jango, the hero of the series, a P.I. living in modern-day Tokyo, have to accompany them to their mysterious land, or lose them forever. But the evil Organization is not yet defeated. In this ultimate battle, the destiny of Shikigami lies in Jango's hands... A hentai/animé "digital novel", "Fairy Nights" is influenced by Japanese folk mythology. The gameplay consists of progressing the story by scrolling text and animé-style pictures that reflect the events of the game. It's actually the third in a series called Waku Waku Mahjongg Panic! and when translated to English, they removed the whole mahjongg game in it.
Full Demo 224MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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