Dragon Age Legends EA2D / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2011

This is a free turn-based RPG on Facebook and Google+. Ravi, the Viscount of Kaiten fears something is wrong with his son Eiton. As his most trusted champion it's up to the player to save Eiton. In the game the player controls a customizable hero and must win a series of battles against AI opponents. There are three different classes: mage, warrior and rogue. Each class has different attacks. The battles form a linear path through the game map and each one earns the player experience. Moving around the map costs the player energy which replenishes over time persistently. The battle itself plays out like a typical Japanese turn-based RPG with characters taking turns to jump towards the enemy make an attack and retreat. The player can hire the characters of friends to join them in battle. These characters are then controlled by the player and not by the friend. When used these characters will have to rest for some hours before they can be used again, so it pays of to have more friends playing the game. The player can also pay real money to reset their recharge time. Experience can be used to unlock different skills and leveling also means the usual increase in damage and hitpoints. Aside from the combat it's possible for the player to upgrade his keep with new rooms. Rooms can also be upgraded. Inside the keep the player can do such things as brew potions. Brewing takes time, but the player can pay to speed it up. Real money can also be used to buy new items for characters and new rooms. The game presents the player with quests to solve, but they mostly consist of following the linear path on the map. By playing the game the player can unlock bonus items for Dragon Age II. The online game was updated on a weekly basis. On June 18, 2012, the online game was replaced with a downloadable single-player game as a Thank You to the fans.
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Free Game *requires Adobe Air 107MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo 164MB (uploaded by hidraslick)

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