Dr. Dudius on the Earth [Ru] New Media Generation 1996

This program in a fun way you can meet more than 80 countries. During the trip, you can get a lot of diverse and relevant information about the different countries and states. For example, find the number of inhabitants, the area, the name of the monetary unit, see the animated images of indigenous people, national flags, pictures of landscapes, hear carols. In addition, the card is placed on the disk for each country and appearing on the cities. The program includes exercises of various kinds. They not only enrich the knowledge, but also develop smart, logical thinking and visual memory. It requires the ability to respond quickly to questions (in which case it becomes a kind of party quiz), the mosaics, indicate the right geographical location of the city on the map, etc. As a result, the points received gives coins with which you can choose to buy a gift in the children's store.
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Russian ISO Demo 176MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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