Augustus: The First Emperor / Augustus Im Auftrag des Kaisers [G] collision-studios GmbH / Atari Deutschland GmbH 2004

This is a licensed game based on the TV movie Imperium: Augustus. The player takes the role of gladiator Titus Gladius who has to rescue Rome from insurgents. Since he is outnumbered, he mainly uses stealth to avoid his enemies or kill them unnoticed. Similar to Thief: The Dark Project, the player uses shadows and a light meter to his advantage. Light sources can't be extinguished. When there is no way around the guards, the player also has the possibility to distract them with a coin or to kill them with one of his five weapons (e.g. throwing spear or sword). The fights are action oriented, the player can only stab or block. There are also switch puzzles to solve. The game features eleven missions with cutscenes taken from the movie.
German ISO Demo 800MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
English Translation (thanks to glowingeyesinthedark & upped by Scaryfun) 10kb

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