Zoboomafoo: Animal Alphabet Riverdeep, Inc. / Brighter Child Interactive, LLC 2001

Kids can enjoy an animal safari Zoboo-style with The Learning Company's Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet. Joined by the Kratt Brothers, children visit Animal Junction with Zoboo and learn about animals from A to Z. This title includes interactive activities, printable activity sheets and flashcards, video footage, and Zoboomafoo songs. Aside from Animal Junction, kids can journey to the make-believe Zobooland to play games and solve puzzles. There are 26 animal friends inside Animal Junction, one to represent each letter of the alphabet. As children try to fill their Creature Adventure Photo Album from A to Z, they are presented with facts about each animal including habitat, weight and size, and role in nature. Some animals will lead children to interactive games with an educational emphasis. Counting, sorting, early phonics, pattern recognition, and following directions are some of the skills these games enforce. Besides facts and games, all of the animals inside Animal Junction are accompanied by video footage. As children click on and listen to information about each creature, they are given the letter the animal's name begins with. For example, after clicking on the Zebra, listening to the commentary and viewing the video footage, they will have earned the letter Z in their Creature Adventure Photo Album. Eight of the animals will engage children in an activity, and their letters will only be awarded after it's been completed. For example, after clicking on the elephant, children are taken to a game where they must repeat various animal sound patterns. After successfully repeating three patterns, they will be awarded the letter E. Besides earning all letters of the alphabet for the album, children can also print animal flashcards and color. Three difficulty settings are available before beginning the game. In addition to the Animal Junction environment there is also an animated version of the claymation Zobooland, where children can interact with more Zoboomafoo characters.
ISO Demo 382MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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