Thinkin' Things: Sky Island Mysteries Edmark Corporation 1998

One of the famous Thinking Things series, this CD is mind building mystery fun for kids 8-12, by Edmark. Kids begin with a mystery and must search for clues. The clues are hidden on 3 planets and in order to uncover them players must complete activities. On Rebus Isle there are lots of rebus puzzles to solve. Kids decode a captivating combination of sounds, pictures and mini-movies to answer riddles and learn fun facts and phrases. The fun loving Fripples are back at Stadium Isle. Children are challenged to put the Fripples in the correct seats. Sounds easy, but there is one catch. These Fripples move and perform actions. Their movements depend on what other Fripple they are seated next to. Get lots of Fripples together and you have hours of perplexing fun. On Air Show Isle players direct the air show. Using tiles students must direct multiple planes to take off, perform tricks and land. There can be many planes in the air at once and this must be taken into consideration. This activity is a wonderful preprogramming logic game that kids love. Once junior detectives have uncovered enough clues they proceed to Clue Central where a friendly guide, Joe Cluesto, waits to help them identify who is behind each daring deed. There are over 3000 suspects, so guessing just will not work. Observation, reading and listening skills are needed to decipher the clues. Each activity has 3 modes and multiple skill levels. Players can choose, Question and Answer for a conventional game, Explore Mode to experiment themselves or Challenge for tougher tasks. These activities are teaching skills that are vital in an information-based society. Students learn how to prioritize tasks and draw valid conclusions based on observations and logic. This program can also boost reading comprehension, enhance critical thinking and multi-tasking. Students learn all this while having the time of their lives.
ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 180MB

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