Thinkin' Science Edmark Corporation 1997

Your child is naturally inquisitive about the surrounding world. Thinkin' Science excites this curiosity with fun-filled activities that use scientific tools to solve problems and explain basic science concepts. Everyday objects come to life to teach your child Earth, Life and Physical Science topics covered in first and second grades. How Thinkin' Science encourages scientific learning: Real Understanding - Carefully sequenced problesm encourage critical thinking and provide a vital foundation for understanding science. Pictures, Figures, Words and Speech - Problems are presented in many interesting ways to make learning science fun. The Right Approach to "Wrong" Answers - Mistakes are treated as a valuable part of learning, so your child solves problems with confidence. Self-Adjusting Challenge Levels - Harder problems are presented only after your child has mastered easier ones. Lots of Fun, Helpful Friends - Helpful companions like Buddy the Leaf, Einstone the Rock and Carrie the Paper Bag guide the quest for science knowledge. Equal Parts Fun and Education - Immerse your child in interactive play that teaches while it entertains. Look at all you get with Thinkin' Science: 5 captivating learning environments, packed with activities; Dozens of Earth, Life and physical Science topics; 100s of age-appropriate science problems; Educator-designed activities connect science concepts to the real world; Kid-friendly Science Web to research animals, physics and Earth science; Plus, 15 printable "treasures" to reward your child's growing knowledge Thinkin' Science is packed with hundreds of questions, exploration opportunities, problems, facts and experiments that teach your child how science applies to everyday life. Learning Opportunities: Logical, Sequential Thinking, Deductive Reasoning, Problem-Solving Strategies, Observation and Prediction, Memory Strategies, Manipulation of Variables, Animal Tracks and Habitats, Earth's Rotation, Day, Night and Seasons, Force and Motion Experiments.
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