Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Spicy Horse 2013

Early Access, Full Release Date: Nov 25/2014 This a dark fantasy, free-to-play multiplayer online browser-based video game made by American McGee's company and adapts the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale, throwing her into the setting of feudal Japan. It's an action-RPG that lets players hunt legendary monsters in Edo-era Japan. It includes advanced character training, weapon improvements, and Shivering Pines brings a new environment style to the game along with a new tribe of imps wielding frost magic. The Order of Akane is an elite and ancient group of demon hunters. Members of the Order are referred to as Red Hunters. Red Hunters undertake field missions combating the proliferation of Yokai (Japanese folk monsters, ghosts and demons). They are almost Knights Templar-like in devotion to duty and righteousness. In the role of a famed Red Hunter, it is your task to restore balance and quell the restless Yokai by force. Define your own hunter – you control character development. Choose the abilities, specializations and stat growth that best suit your personal play style. Choose from 3 separate skill trees, mixing and matching as you prefer. Specialize in weapon and armor types that support play style... or dress style. Thousands of items to loot, buy and trade - a fully randomized item system provides near endless variety. Claim unique items from fallen bosses and rare “wanted” enemies. From katanas to claymores, sickles to sabres - a vast selection awaits for the loot inclined. Empower your equipment with rare materials gathered from fallen foes. Choose the properties you want and craft your ideal gear. Find the look you like and then add the stats you want. Test your mettle against unending hordes of enemies in the Pit Fight Arenas. Wager on survival for great rewards and earn prize items. Join with allies - conquer goals as a team to reap even greater rewards. Bond with kindred spirits to increase earning power and suppress the Yokai threat. Summon and train totemic spirit pets, each with unique passive effects. Choose the companion that best suits your play style. Watch them evolve as you complete missions together.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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