Reader Rabbit Kindergarten: Dreamship Tales The Learning Company, Inc. 2002

Enhance Pre-K Skills While Having Fun. Re-live the best and most educational puzzles and games from the Dreamship series. Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales will take you straight to the fun, with a compilation of Reader Rabbit's most entertaining and most educational puzzles, all on one CD -- a great way to keep the fun going after you've turned the computer off. 10 Sing-Along Songs You Can Take Along! This special CD plays on your computer or in your car's CD player! 4 More Activities! Additional activities reinforce essential skills! More than 100 Crafts, Puzzles, and Games! Lets you create a glimmering firefly or make a beautiful sparkle jar! The disc is filled with more than 100 fun, printable activities that encourage creative play away from the computer.
Win/MAC ISO Demo 537MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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