Rolling Sun (Recon Arcade) Merhunes / Mystik'Art 2015

This is an independent platform game with gameplay based on CryEngine 3's physics with a horizontal scrolling camera in beautiful 3D environments. It's a mix of platformer, adventure and deftness game. You must lead your ball from left to right but also in depth depending on the obstacles and tracks through a multitude of universes and help it reach each level's ends. Throughout your adventure, you play as a ball of magic stone representing the Sun God on Earth. Your goal is to counter the plans of your rival, the moon god. To do so, the sun give you skills to help you. Such as a double jump, power planner etc. During this adventure, you travel through a magical world where poetry and magic will be present. Beautiful environments open up to you: desert plains to snowy peaks across the empty space. It has multiple game modes: Time Trial, time attack, technical... and many more. You control more than a drone, there's teleportation, control of gravity jet pack and many powers at your disposal.
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Level Demo v.0.5 850MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 840MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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